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About Dewpoint Analysis Technologies Inc.

Dew Point Analyzers is a gas processing technology and it is an online and automatic instruments with predictive tools. DewPoint Analysis Technologies Inc. products are also applicable to a wide range of industries from Oil/Natural gas refineries, Petrochemical and Power plants to Automotive and Aerospace.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to become a pioneer in the global gas processing technologies industry in the upcoming 10 years. Canada is a country with a strong presence in the gas producer industry and the company wants to combine its strength with Canada to expand and enlarge its operations.

Our Testimonials

Pimen Director

Great Solution!

Amelia Ava CEO

Very Effective!

Lucy Evelyn Managing Director

Best Results!

Meet The Team

Nilesh Babubhai Patel

Chief Analytics Officer

Mr. Nilesh Babubhai Patel is a seasoned professional with over 18 years of experience, proficient in Process Simulation and Modeling, Process Optimization, Risk Assessment, and Safety Protocols. He has worked as a Process Engineer, Senior Manager, Senior Process Manager, and Senior Process Engineer. As Chief Analytics Officer of DewPoint Analysis Technologies Inc., Mr. Nilesh Babubhai Patel manages Strategic Planning and Implementation, Technology Integration and Innovation, and Risk Management and Compliance.

Rajesh Prahladbhai Patel

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Rajesh Prahladbhai Patel is an experienced mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience in project management, detail engineering, and procurement coordination in oil, gas, refinery, and petrochemical projects. He has worked as a Piping Construction Engineer, Planning Engineer, Engineering Manager, and Project Engineer. As Chief Technology Officer of DewPoint Analysis Technologies Inc., Mr. Rajesh Prahladbhai Patel formulates the technology strategy, identifies suitable technology partners, and collaborates with the management team to define a robust roadmap, ensuring the Company’s success within the Canadian market.

Hirenkumar Navinchandra Vyas

Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Hirenkumar Navinchandra Vyas is a highly experienced oil and gas professional with over 25 years of expertise, specializing in downstream operations. Known for his proficiency in project management, integration, and excellent interpersonal skills, he has worked as an Assistant Manager, Senior Manager, Project Delivery Manager, and Project Lead. As Chief Strategy Officer of DewPoint Analysis Technologies Inc., Mr. Hirenkumar Navinchandra Vyas develops corporate strategies, fosters innovation, manages finances, and optimizes operations to ensure the company’s success within the Canadian market.

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